About Us


About Eloura Hair Salon Paddington

You will find your little peaceful getaway at Eloura HAIR Salon, in the heart of PADDINGTON.

Beauty is so much more than just skin deep, it is a lifestyle choice. At Eloura, we are focused on promoting and enhancing your natural beauty using all-natural products from Aveda that not only look after your skin and hair, but also promote environmentally-friendly practices.

Eloura promotes a natural beauty that exists in harmony with nature to till and seed our inner essence. Eloura is beauty that must be viewed with a nurturing soul to experience its colours, patterns and sublime shifts in perspective.

Even though we aim to use Aveda’s range of cruelty free, all natural products, we believe that beauty treatments are still a long, long way from their full potential and the human heart is not yet fully opened to mother nature’s ancient secret.

We are here to whisper those secrets and encourage and grow those seeds of beauty.

About Eloura & Our Ethos

Eloura is an Aboriginal word that means pleasant place, or happy glowing/ beautiful place to be. We aim to create a calm place for people to relax, where we can ensure clients are in the present and enjoying their treatment, rather than focusing on the outside world


As a hair salon that are committed to more natural treatments and experiences, you will find the Aveda range of products used across all of our services.

Our team of professional hairstylists will create the perfect look for you, using Aveda products and techniques.

About Aveda

Aveda products combine the best of art and science to create the perfect hair care system using pure flower and plant essences. The range of Aveda products will leave your hair, face and body feeling amazing, without harming the environment.

Because we believe in the quality and ethical mission of Aveda, you will find that all services, except waxing, performed at Eloura Lifestyle Salon and Spa are completed using Aveda products. We are proud to be an Aveda salon, and enjoy treating each of our clients as complete individuals using their range of products.

“Harsh chemicals can hurt the health of your hair, making it dull and brittle. Natural hair colour uses naturally derived ingredients in place of harmful ones, leaving your hair strong and shiny” –Aveda


Our Team

We’ve attracted a talented and professional team to undertake our services here at Eloura, so we know that when our clients come for an appointment, they will be well looked after.

Our salon has been around for over four years, however our team have been working in the industry for some time, and bring their invaluable expertise to the heart of every service that they undertake.

  • Our Director Richard has 35 years experience
  • Our other three hair stylists have between six years to 20 years experience

At Eloura Lifestyle Hair Salon, we take pride in everything we do. Visit us in Paddington, or call us to book an appointment today.