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Thinking Of Going Platinum?

Thinking of a Change for Summer? Platinum Blonde 101!

Ready to go blonde and make the summer fashion statement of a lifetime? Perfect! Our expert hair technicians at Eloura Lifestyle Salon and Spa have just formulated their absolute dos and don’ts for diving into the delights of platinum blonde… and staying there.

It’s a slow but steady process

We see it daily on social media where a person we saw as a brunette one day, has show-stopping blonde hair next. It’s stunning but you need to know that the seamless blonde bombshell look takes effort.

So DO allow more time! The darker your hair colour, the bigger change your hair has to undergo. Your first bleach and tone visit to our hair salon in Surry Hills will take anywhere between five to eight hours. It may even take a number of salon visits to reach blonde hair perfection. Through the whole process, we’ll make sure you’re relaxed and pampered.

DO consider losing a bit of length off your locks too. We’re only talking an inch or two off really long hair but it will make it easier to maintain platinum.

There is upkeep and maintenance

Even if you were once a honey blonde, regrowth with platinum blonde hair means it will need to be managed. The root touch-up won’t take anywhere near as long as your initial colouring but it is important to stick to a schedule.

DO your touch-ups every four to six weeks. Unless you’re someone who loves the skunk look, you should visit our Surry Hills hair salon every two centimetres of hair growth. The scientific reason is it sits close enough to your scalp to enjoy the heat setting benefits of freshly applied hair colour.

DON’T wait! The longer your regrowth is, the further away it is from the warmth of your scalp and that means we need to apply a two-step colouring regime. That’s two different applications, longer time in the chair and extra expense.

Then there’s the maintenance you can manage from home. This is all about keeping your blonde hair’s brightness for as long as possible. So DO wash your hair in warm to cool water. It doesn’t open the hair follicles as much as hot water where colour-enhancing toner escapes. DON’T wash your hair more than twice a week if you can help it but DO use shampoos and conditioners meant for colour-treated hair.

To keep your hair moisturised, DO use a daily oil or serum.

Many people will say it’s worth it!

DON’T be put off by the effort it takes to maintain platinum blonde hair. Millions of people around the world take the platinum plunge and love it!

· It gives your complexion a make-over too. Imagine the new makeup colour pallet you can play with.

· The summer sun accentuates your platinum look.

· Blondes can be like a magnet at a summer Christmas party.

· Now you rock black clothes.

So are you ready to let your inner flaxen-haired starlet emerge? Then let’s talk at our Eloura Lifestyle hair salon in Surry Hills, where our red-hot creative team is ready to give you the platinum blonde look to make your summer sizzle!