Sulfate and Paraben-Free Hair Care

We all like to think that the hair care products sitting in our bathrooms right now are the best for our hair’s health, but are they really? Sadly, as scientific studies improve, it’s becoming all too clear that there are two main ingredients that can have negative effects on our hair and overall health.

They are sulfate and parabens and here we want to clarify what they are, why you should avoid them and why Eloura Lifestyle Salon and Spa is celebrated as the sulfate and paraben-free hair salon of Surry Hills.

What are sulfates and parabens?

You know when you’re applying the shampoo in the shower and you get that creamy, foamy lather? That is only achievable when the ingredient sodium laurel sulfate is mixed into your shampoo. It’s a surfactant and its job is to allow oils and dirt to separate from your scalp. The sodium laurel sulfate bubbles up, the oil and dirt comes loose and is washed away.

Parabens meanwhile are a preservative. Manufacturers use parabens to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus in your shampoo, thereby lengthening its shelf life.

Why you should avoid sulfates and parabens

Firstly, let’s say it is possible to avoid using sulfate and paraben-rich hair care and still enjoy a great wash. Eloura Lifestyle’s hair salon in Surry Hills does it daily, delivering a premium hair care experience. So why do we avoid sulfates and parabens?

Sulfate is now understood to be toxic and a carcinogen, or in other words a cancer causing agent. It’s also a contributor to hair loss as it destroys hair follicles and inhibits hair’s growth. Add to this that although sulfate is great for creating a slippery surface to remove dirt, it’s also a known irritant to the scalp and hair.

Recent studies have found that parabens contribute to skin irritations. So while your shampoo and conditioner can sit in your bathroom for an extended time, the inclusion of parabens can also be prolonging some skin conditions you may be grappling with – dermatitis and rosacea to name two.

Organic, sulfate & paraben-free Aveda hair care products

The results of those recent studies have been a watershed moment for the hair care industry, paving the way for more customers to turn to Aveda hair care products. Eloura is proud to say that we are an Aveda hair salon because they make sustainable, high quality organic products that are sulfate and paraben-free. They work perfectly as shampoo and conditioner substitutes and they top the ethical shopping list by being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Aveda shampoos contain:

· Quinoa protein to repair and strengthen damaged hair.

· Natural surfactants that gently wash away pollutants.

· Hair products that treat frizz, dryness and oily hair with a low-lather and outstanding results.

Similar to so many other areas of life, we now know that chemicals do not always command a place in it. There are reliable, natural alternatives to beauty. We would love to show you a life without sulfate and parabens. When you’re ready to discover the beautiful world of Aveda, please give our Surry Hills hair salon a call.